Back in the 1870s, Brickell was hardly more than a trading post run by the Brickell family. Today, it’s one of Miami-Dade County’s most intensely developed neighborhoods, boasting some of the tallest buildings in Florida.

More than 10,000 apartments and condos were built, under construction, or proposed in the 1.2-square-mile Brickell neighborhood in 2016 alone, according to the latest figures from the Miami Downtown Development Authority.

In addition to new residences, plenty of new hotels, offices and retail projects have been built or are now underway. While concerns about additional traffic persist, builders and city officials are hoping that more people will take advantage of Metrorail, a light-rail system that provides free alternative transportation from South Brickell to the Omni neighborhood.

A tall order

The structures that are being built, or are proposed, are of sizable stature. The 789-foot-tall Four Seasons, constructed in 2006 at 1435 Brickell Avenue, is now the tallest building in Florida, though it will soon be usurped by Tibor Hollo’s 830-foot building Panorama, which will in turn be overtaken by another of Hollo’s Florida East Coast Realty buildings, a pair of 1,049-foot-tall towers called — what else? — The Towers.

Meanwhile, developer Simon Karam recently submitted plans to build a 960-foot-tall building in the area. And Swire Properties, the Hong Kong-based developer of Brickell City Centre, still intends to build a 1,049-foot tall mixed-use tower near its 4.9-million-square-foot complex.

An evolving brand

In the last 15 years, Brickell has experienced a dramatic population boom. Back in 2000, according to a DDA demographic report, 12,904 people lived in Brickell. As of last year, there were nearly 35,000 residents — many of them relatively well-heeled and well-educated. Brickell’s median annual household income of $102,130, according to the DDA, dwarfs the median household income of $33,064 for other city residents. The vast majority of Brickell’s adult denizens, 74 percent, have college degrees.

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